January 2016 saw the PlayWest team take on Global Game Jam together. The theme was ‘ritual’. Like a lot of teams we considered the daily rituals in our lives and then discussed breakfast.

Going on what we knew best, we went with local multiplayer and after the 48 hours we had what we consider the best Game Jam game any of us had worked on.


The Breakfast Club is a 4 player, local multiplayer ‘glitch-physics’ party game. Players must collaboratively prepare various meals throughout the day starting with breakfast; toasting bread, buttering toast and getting it served, all before the time runs out.


It’s deceptively tricky but the reward couldn’t get any better (aha, not this time) – six buttery slices of crunchy sliced white! Be careful though, that butter is super slippery and cannot be possesed; if it falls of the table its game over for the most important meal of the day!


In fact – if anything falls of the table you’re TOAST (sorry). It’s ok though, you’ve got 4 minutes to complete the unusually complex task of buttering six slices of cooked bread. To help you with it we’ve given you the Toaster Cam (it seemed like a great idea at 4am) – we.. we hope that’s self explanatory.



We worked really hard to bring The Breakfast Club to life, so hard infact we also managed to fit in a preview of Episode Two: Fry Hard (yep, still going). Episode Two will see players attempting to fry eggs and bacon for those less interested in the lighter breakfast option.


That bread isn’t going to toast itself so grab a copy and join the club!


A shout out to our friends

The games community in Bristol is growing year on year and this January saw the largest number of registered jammers across the city. Nearly 150 signups pledged their allegence to 48 hours of game development accross two jam sites. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who particiapated at the Bristol Games Hub for helping make 2016 the biggest Bristol Global Game Jam!