Today the team woke up to the result we’d all been hoping for – The Breakfast Club has been green-lit! Now.. many people have their own opinions on how Greenlight works..

There are theories about percentages between yes and no votes, number of followers and favourites, and even it being as simple as someone at Valve sees it and puts it through (edit – this is much more the case than we thought at time of writing). Of course the process is going to be more complex than that and all we can do is be excited that we made it through!

So rather than working out how it works, we’re going to give a run down of what we did. We started out with a game that was arguably only two months old, so our energy and enthusiasm was pretty high throughout the campaign – ensuring that anyone we spoke to had voted and taking every opportunity to bring traffic to the Greenlight page.

We didn’t do a Kickstarter or campaign, so our traffic took a significant hit after the first two days, as with many other games. We did however take The Breakfast Club to EGX Rezzed in London during the week of the campaign – this saw 30 to 40 new votes per day.

We reached out to a number of let’s players after the game jam, which resulted in a fistful of YouTube videos with between 100 and 1000 views each – arguably, not that much. But it must have worked as we can now push forward with the next stage of development knowing that we have the opportunity to put The Breakfast Club in front of a world wide audience!