skylines_logo1_temp_cDevelopment of our ambitious mobile game about air quality and carbon emission policy has begun!

The game features 6 European cities, where players must make decisions in order for their city to survive long enough to achieve a specific vision of a low carbon, clean air future. The game is a key component of the ClairCity Horizon 2020 project.

Instead of trying to achieve behavioural change in citizens through a procedural rhetoric (good if you want to change hearts and minds) or just downright hammering a message home (as has been the trend for serious games in the past), our game will aggregate player decisions (whatever their outcome) across many thousands of plays in order to understand the ‘attractiveness’ of different policy scenarios that could be developed for the real world.

So whilst the aim of ClairCity: Skylines will allow successful players to achieve of a low carbon and clean-air future for their city, the true (and ethically explicit) purpose of the game is to allow research scientists to identify likely policies citizens might find similarly attractive in the real world.

The game will achieve this through a form of behavioural crowd-sourcing, where it continuously records and aggregates all player decisions in order to identify the hottest policy combinations over time enacted by players.

Going to be a wild ride to hit all the milestones on time.

Stay tuned for regular updates on this one.
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