As part of the Bristol 2015 Green Capital, PlayWest competed with other game and interactive media developers in the Green Capital Digital Challenge!Hosted at the Watershed on Bristol’s beautiful waterfront, teams from across the south west came together to address current environmental challenges through innovative games and app development. 33 teams applied, 12 took part, and 6 made it through to each receive a £5,000 prize to support and develop what they had created in the hack weekend – of which PlayWest was one!

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The weekend saw the first collaborative project for PlayWest as we put together one of the most ambitious games we could have made in 48 hours. Not only did we get through to the second stage of the competition (bagging one of the £5k prizes and a bottle of bubbly!) we also learned a truck-load about successful group work!

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Our mission was to create a game that changes behaviour through collaborative gameplay. We felt that sustainability topics were inherently uninteresting for much of the gaming demographic due to the manner in which they are so usually approached, so for us, we wanted to build a game that was engaging for exactly those kinds of players. Check out the full project details here.