PlayWest is a new Bristol based videogame studio, on a mission to create great games and great real-world solutions.Our team is growing, with our studio director and founder joined by, two UWE graduates, six undergraduates from Games Technology BSc. (Hons) and a now a business development manager. We have BIG plans for the future, and would love you to stick around, find out what we do, and play our games!

A love of social, local multiplayer games

Current game projects include; Kachiku64 – A local-multiplayer 64 player retro party arcade game, SuperTrashHeroes – A 4 player side-scrolling beat-em t& European Green Capital Digital Challenge finalist. Speed Titans – A jet powered land speed record multiplayer racing game, with cars from 50 years. Apex Run – A low-poly 4 player racer dedicated to home console ports of arcade racers. TheBreakfastClub – Our Global Game Jam 2016 entry. A physics based multiplayer cooking game(!) and Armad Heroes – PlayWest is supporting 3rd years @UWEGames to develop a 4player battler.

Games technology for the real world

Current serious games tech projects include; Don’t walk by – Next generation Health & Saftey training you want to do! Bloodhound Inspector – A telemetry app for Bloodhound SSC mechanics during the land speed record. Bloodhound Presenter – An interactive guide to the car, made with  Unity3D. FAST – (Future Assembly Showcase Technology) for RollsRoyce Aero (Now complete) 3D + VR visualisation. H2020 Work package – A HUGE pan-European project we are proud to be undertaking #gamedev for!

Follow us on Twitter to find out more: @PlayWestHQ